Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev. Elnoria Lofton Harrison, Pastor.

Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev. Elnoria Lofton Harrison, Pastor.

Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev. Elnoria Lofton Harrison, Pastor.Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev. Elnoria Lofton Harrison, Pastor.

770 Ingleside Road

Norfolk, Va. 23502


(1 block from Ingleside Rd. "Tide" Station)


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"May the Peace of God Abide with us."

All in - person services have been cancelled.

All in - person services through the entire month of April have been cancelled, including this Sunday, March 29, Palm Sunday, PW Circle, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.We will continue to give further updates of cancellations.

About Us




Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church has a rich heritage. Beginning in 1926, classes and morning worship were held at the old Ingleside School. In 1929 the church was established by Norfolk Presbytery, and it was felt  a permanent house of worship was vital to the future of the church. During 1929 and 1930 the building progressed under the leadership of Reverend G. Roland Sims and 30 members were received into the church.                                  

    In September 1930, Dr. W.H.T. "Tappey" Squires, a retired Presbyterian minister, assumed the pastorate and continued until his death on April 20, 1948 at age 73. The total membership in 1932 was 46, and the weekly budget was $25.00. It was not until 1936 that the church was fully self- supporting. Two of the first children baptized in the new church were Ardis Hopkins (Brock) and Roland Hopkins. When the fellowship hall and the Education Building were completed and dedicated in September, 1948, the church became known as Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church. During the pastorate of Reverend Robert L. Combs, additional property was purchased on Riverside Drive and Tennessee Avenue, and the new Educational Building was constructed. 

Mission Statement

Reaching out in love, fellowship and service, the mission of Squires Memorial Presbyterian Church is ;

  • To proclaim the Word of God to all people.
  • To bring them into the fellowship of Christian believers.
  • To baptize them in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • To prepare members for service within the congregation and community.

The week at a glance

Sunday Morning

Adult Sunday School - 10:00am

Worship Service - 11:00am

*Following Presbytery recommendations, we will not have Sunday school or Worship service.  

Some Effective Techniques for Studying the Bible.

(Suggested by Rev. Chuck Swindoll and

 Rev. Elnoria Harrison.)

  • Observation of the Scripture - Merely read it.
  • Interpretation - Study sources of commentary and notes as well as a good Study Bible containing explanations that are written in well understood terms.
  • Correlation - See how other Scriptures relate.
  • Application - How does the Scripture show you how to live now. How does it apply to you?


We would make this church by the side of the road a refuge for sin - sick souls, a rendezvous for the Master's recruits, a school for the building of character, a place where Jesus meets His people with blessings, and where His people may ever meet with him.

This is our ambition, this is our purpose, this is our prayer. - W.H.T. Squires